To be seen.

Often, we wear masks. We hide who we truly are, in hopes that we develop friendships, relationships, networking opportunities and growth through becoming the person who we think everyone wants us to be. To add insult to injury, often when we show who we truly are, we get burnt. You let someone into that level,... Continue Reading →


I see it time and time again. Women hating on women. I was in a Facebook group, where another woman actually said to a complete stranger "Let's see the real photo, there is no way this isn't photoshopped, we all have stretch marks and extra fat, don't try to fool us none." Wait, WHAT?? How... Continue Reading →

Already Gone

We live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.. What a simple quote. And how empowering at the same time.  We are our own worse enemy, we hold ourselves back, never quite allowing ourselves to gain that level of success that we are capable of obtaining. We are limited... Continue Reading →

Run your own race.

In a profession with so many like minded, similar professionals, often I find myself questioning my choice. Often the phrases "Am I good enough?" "She's booking, why am I not?" "I must not be good enough, I didn't book that client." or my favorite "Maybe I should just quit." Let that sink in....   I... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to remember me.

Don't become so busy building a life, that you forget to live it. Lately, I have been working, ALOT. I haven't had much time to spend with my family, my friends or my animals. I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to them as I would had liked, and tonight after yet another... Continue Reading →

My, how time flies.

What can change in two years time? What about in a blink of an eye? Two years ago, I was single and living the life. I was working on building my business up to a full time gig, and working as a outside plan technician for the phone company (I fixed the cable and repaired... Continue Reading →

Do you have it?

Either you have it. Or you don't.  Either you have a champion inside of you, a potential to become a world class artist, dancer, musician, business owner or doctor, or you don't. It, is something that exists inside all successful small business owners. It is tenacity, dedication, the will to succeed and the guts to... Continue Reading →

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