An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.  When life seems to be dragging on, when the darkness seems to be closing in and everything is so overwhelming remember this.  Something great is just around the corner, you just need to let go and soar. This last week, I spent in Dallas Texas,... Continue Reading →

You get what you pay for….

How many times do we do it? We go with the cheaper product, think we are getting a steal then regret it or the product breaks immediately after we get home. Now you're out the money you spent on that product, and you still have to go back to the store and get the premium... Continue Reading →

When to book your maternity session.

Every momma is different, and with that, comes a different date range of when you should do your maternity session. On average, I like to shoot my maternity sessions around 35 weeks. As your photographer, we can chat often if you so wish, and discuss if you believe you will be delivering early once we... Continue Reading →


Women are powerful. We have so much power in our bodies, in our minds, in our motivation and mindset that we can accomplish anything we WANT to accomplish. Our bodies make humans for Pete's sake! Our bodies are something that is truly amazing. We all have stretch marks, scars, bumps and bruises. Blemishes, weird birth... Continue Reading →

The beginning of something new

Today, I was blessed. I was blessed with a maternity session with an absolute bombshell of a mom. A mom to her step daughter, who she loves like her own. A wife to one of our nation's hero's.  A mom who understands how important it is for her step daughter to feel at home with... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is never guaranteed..

Day 40 Energy Energy.. Something I am truly lacking these days. Between photography clients, house demo on my fiancé’s investment house and planning a wedding, I have bitten of quite a bit more then I can chew. Add in a board position with a wild horse group in Medora ND, a couple chamber memberships and... Continue Reading →

Happiness can be found..

Day 39 Nature We live in a gorgeous world. As Americans, we have one of the most unique and breathtaking countries in the world. We have rainforests, mountain ranges, deserts, badlands, cities and lakes. We have a truly amazing country, and few get to see the beauty it possesses. Even just stepping outside, you can... Continue Reading →

The Weight of the World

Day 38 Shoulders Man, I didn’t want to post this photo.. I hate this photo. But sometimes, you have to shed off those layers of self-doubt, self-consciousness and self-hate. The weight of the world doesn’t have to always be on your shoulders. You don’t have to fight this battle alone, we are here to help... Continue Reading →

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