January 11th, 2018

How simple, and relaxing a bath can be. Something we take for granted, something we never think about or put much thought into.

But some do. Some have dark thoughts that will overcome their personalities and overcome who they are. Thoughts that turn a simple bath into something much darker, something that isn’t simple, sexy or romantic.

Some have thoughts of suicide when they think of taking a bath. Some people don’t piece relaxing in with a bath. Some have a hard time just getting out of their own head. Allowing negative thoughts and emotions to run rampant, to take over and they are no longer thinking like themselves.

We have a choice. We have a choice in whether or not we want to feed these negative thoughts and emotions. Nobody just wakes up one day and wan’ts to commit suicide, it is a long drawn out process. A process that involves days, weeks, months of negative thoughts, feelings of worthlessness or feeling unwanted. These thoughts are just your own making. Nobody else can place these in your head without your consent. You are in control of your life.

Sometimes taking that control is seeking help. Sometimes you CAN’T overcome these thoughts on your own, you must reach out for help. And that is okay, that is a sign of strength. That is a sign that you are in control, you have the power over those negative thoughts. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it is a sign of power, of knowing when to ask for help.

So tonight, when you go home, slip into the tub with your glass of wine and your book, remember those that are battling suicidal thoughts and temptations. Remember those who feel forgotten and worthless.  Carry that into your daily life, reach out to someone you see every day, but never talk to. Message that long lost friend, tell someone you love them.

Always be kind, because you never know where that kindness is going to save someones life.

We are all battling a darkness within us, but we don’t have to battle it alone.


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