January 27th, 2018

The days we are supposed to be blue or sad, are the days where I blossom. These are the days where I soar, where I connect with my soul and can create some pieces of art that truly feel like a part of me.  Because I appreciate these blue days. I appreciate these lows, because these are the moments we find ourselves. We find ourselves, not when we are at the peak of our success, but when we are having momentary sadness. These are the days I live for, because without these, we wouldn’t love those highs and cherish them for what joy they bring us.
These are the days we don’t really remember. These are the days that we don’t photograph, that we don’t document because they aren’t substantial. But they are, because without them we wouldn’t appreciate those sweet, amazing highs. The next time you are having a blue day, slow down and appreciate that feeling, because without that feeling, you wouldn’t ever appreciate the uplifting, amazing days that are soon to come.


Journey Day 27

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