January 24th, 2018

We don’t deserve dogs. We don’t deserve the unfiltered, unconditional love they have for us. They protect us, they save and comfort us. They comfort soldiers experiencing PTSD and anxiety from deployments, they comfort the elderly and befriend our children. They protect us against those who mean to do us harm, and they create a bond with us that is incomparable.

These dogs give us their lives, and in return ask for the most basic necessities; a place to sleep that is comfortable with some food and water. They bring immense joy into our lives, and all they ask for is a place to call home. Our dogs have a connection with us that, although other animals might come close to, is without compare. Dogs are used every day to intervene with terrorist attacks, fight the war on drugs, calm anxiety and PTSD attacks as well as just being a true, loyal friend.

Dog’s don’t care what color you skin is, what your sexual orientations is or what religion you believe in. Dog’s don’t care how much money you make, what your past was or how successful you have been in your life. Dog’s only care about how you are as a person, they only care that you are kind.
We don’t deserve dogs, we don’t deserve the immense loyalty and companionship these animals give to us. To me, this dog will always mean the world to me. He was the only thing there to protect me for a long time, and against someone who truly wanted to hurt me. He found love for me, when I didn’t love myself. I would wake from nightmares in the dead of night and call out to him and only him. I would cry with him, and he would never miss a step, always loyal and strong.
If more people would just be like dogs, we would live in a much kinder, much more bearable world. I truly believe all dogs are good, it is humans that make them mean.

Journey Day 24

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