January 17th, 2018
In everything in life, don’t let the fire go out. Don’t let your passions die, don’t let your embers die. Breathe life into your passions, keep your fire burning.

No matter what your passion is, never give it up. Fuel your passions, fuel that fire!

This journey is showing me so much about myself. Showing me passions that I have let die, that I have let go out.

It is refreshing to blow a breathe of life into that fire again, and to get those passions roaring, heating my soul from the inside out. We are quick to forget about ourselves, to forget about what drives us and keeps us going. Never forget, and never let it die.

Your passions are a part of you. Your passions are what feed your soul. If you let your passions fizzle out, soon you will feel nothing. You can’t have shadows without the light, you can’t have happiness without the dark.

We are people. We have these roller-coaster of emotions. We have highs, and we have lows. But I sure as hell would rather have the high & low, than feel nothing at all. If you let your passions die, if you let these fires go out, pretty quick you will feel nothing. Those little passions are what spark your happiness.

There is no direct key to happiness, but there are stepping stones to put us closer to that happiness. Those stepping stones are our passions.

Fuel the fire. You’ll thank me later.

Mankato Photographer

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