January 21st, 2018
Today it was just a truly amazing day. The snow was falling in the most romantic, magical way. This weekend I was blessed with how busy I was. I booked three weddings, with a few inquiries still hanging out there from yesterday’s Wedding Expo. We had some conflicts with our wedding date, and had to change the date, which ended up working out just fine, but sure was stressful for the few days I was squirming waiting to hear back from my vendors. But, yet again, I just had faith, prayed it would work out and I wasn’t disappointed.
I’m becoming more and more religious as time goes on, and I truly believe it is from having the choice to choose God for myself. My parents gave me that liberty, and I am thankful for it. Because just like everything, you must truly want it in order to get the most out of it.
While I was having a mini anxiety attack over moving the date, I just was reminded of one of my favorite verses, “For We walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7”
Often, we put our plans on what we can see, on what we can touch, but the reality of it is everything can change in an instant. Our lives can be uprooted, plans can be delayed and what we thought would be reality ends up becoming just a dream. Through everything, all we can plan on, is having faith in what is good, and building our lives around the good people and good vibes in our lives.
Whenever you start to feel like life is becoming overwhelming, like this path you are on is too difficult, reach out to those with your best interests at heart. Have faith that everything will be okay, and that you will get through this. This world can be a dark, sad and horrific place, but that doesn’t mean it has to be for you. Find light in the small things, find beauty in the tragedy and the magic in the details.

Today while looking outside, I could had seen cold temperatures, blowing wind, snow flying everywhere and a general icky-ness, but instead I chose to see the magic. The romantic feeling the snow was giving off while it was falling in the woods, the intimate touch the snow had on the angel’s face and wings, and the true feeling of reality, that this is my life, it is gorgeous, and it is good.

Minnesota Photographer

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