January 28th, 2018
Every day, my soul goes back to this wild band of horses. Every day, my soul begs to be back, wild and free with these horses, and I count the days until I can go back. Because to me, this isn’t just about photographing a horse in the wild. It’s about capturing more than a photo of a horse. It’s about capturing the emotion and a connection to that horse at that given time in history. To see what it was like at that exact moment, what it was like to feel the cold winter air on your face while the herd of wild horses ran around playing and fussing with each other in the brisk January air. I want my work to bring you there, to spark something deep inside you, something past the “This is just a picture of a horse” thing.

I want you to be there with me. Hiking through the snow drifts, with the soft morning light glistening off of the prairie and taking in the moment.

We are all free, some of us just have that buried down deeper than others. Tapping into this has been the most invigorating and amazing experiences, and I encourage everyone to do so!


Journey Day 28

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