January 9th, 2018
Hard, calloused hands. Hands that have crafted great things. Hands that have froze in the winters and baked in the summers. Hands that have never known an easy life.

Hands that have found IED’s in a war zone, and cared for the smallest of creatures. Hands that have seen tragedy and joy as well as success and failure. These hands have worked an honest days work, for an honest day’s pay, every day of their lives.

Honesty isn’t just being honest with our actions. It is a core value that is instilled in every blue collared, hard working man and woman in this country. Lately, I have discovered how many people aren’t honest. People who we trust, who we let into our homes and our lives, people who have no intention of bringing us any ounce of honesty, but instead are driven by their own motivations.

Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.

Minnesota Photographer

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