January 15th, 2018

Growing up, my family wasn’t hard off, but we weren’t rich either. My dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which took his sight in 2000. The Drs speculate that he has had diabetes since he was a child, but he was always so active that it didn’t affect him like it did most people. He took a desk job in 1992, and in those 8 years, he deteriorated very quickly.

In 2001, I was told as a 9 year old, that my dad was not going to make it. I had to step up and help my mom in everyway possible. She was working three jobs, and because of such an amazing father at home, my brother and I turned out pretty good. Neither of us got into trouble, we both did good in school, and my dad is still alive 18 years later.

My father isn’t perfect, just like nobody is. But he showed us as kids to always be kind to others. To always treat animals with kindness, to never be mean or to hurt them. He taught us to be kind, and as you can imagine, sometimes as kids we weren’t, but he was there to guide us in the right direction. He taught us to never give up, and to never let the hand that we were dealt define who we were as people.

To me, imagine takes me back to my childhood. It takes me back to playing with the limited amount of toys we had as kids, letting our imaginations go wild. everything in our little lives was perfect then, the worries and stresses were miniscule if even existent.

Imagine this.. a world without hate. A world where who you voted for doesn’t define you. A world where you are kind always, even if you didn’t vote for that person, even if you’re the wrong skin color or the wrong gender. Just imagine a world without hate.

Imagine a world where we are able to look past our differences, and be kind to everyone. No matter your political standing, your religious views, your sexual orientation or your life choices. Imagine a world where everyone is just KIND.

Today, I was scrolling through my feed, and a friend of mine was going to the beach, but the traffic was jammed because President Trump was there. Jokingly she said “Thanks Trump”, just like we all did when Obama was in office. (We’d always joke about Obama causing the blizzards, obviously we knew he didn’t, it was a joke) About four people chimed in just spreading SO MUCH HATE. Imagine how much time you would have if, just if, instead of hating someone with every fiber of your being, you were kind to just one stranger.

To me. the thought that I started this post, with the pure intent of talking about toys is funny, because here on Martin Luther King Jr day, one of his most meaningful and substantial quotes comes to mind. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

We can’t continue on this path of hatred. Both sides need to come together, work together and work to create a better world. Imagine something so amazing, where people were just kind to one another.. My head tells me I’m dreaming, but my heart wants to believe this can happen. I challenge you, to be the kindness in tomorrow. Be the kindness in this world  ❤


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