January 1st, 2018


I hate this image.

The brand is my livestock brand from when I was training and selling horses. Which was one of the most fulfilling jobs I have had, but was the worse time of my life for relationships. My first horse has this brand and she will die with me. I will starve before I sell that horse.

The brand (v in a heart) is legally my brand, I own this on cattle and horses in Montana – in certain locations.

It’s part of me and I love it. But this fucking branding iron brought back a wave of shitty emotions today… Didn’t want to post this photo.. Hate it.

The ring is my engagement ring to the best person I’ve ever met in my life. My hero, the person who pulled me out of my abyss and motivated me to photograph again.

When he saw how much I loved it and how much it meant to me, he bought me my full frame for Christmas last year, then proposed in May.

2018 we will be getting married. Two years and 5 months after I got out of my abusive relationship.

For me, I easily could had photographed my studio, my dog, my cat & her kittens, my horses, my pickup, my fiance, my house.. And still I drug this thing into the house (it’s – 25 here today) warmed it up and staged this. Why. Couldn’t fucking tell you. But, I didn’t put all that work in to not post the damn thing. Momma didn’t raise a quitter I guess

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