January 19th, 2018

I was stumped with power. I wanted to photograph something powerful. There is so much power in our lives, and most of that stuff is emotions.

I truly believe everyone is born pure and without hate, and that hate is a learned emotion, pushed onto us from outside forces.

Today I was just blown away by how much hate there is in our lives. My Facebook was just blowing up with hate. Hate for republicans, hate for democrats, hate for white people, hate for black people. Hate for ourselves.

Do you realize how much we let HATE control our lives?? Do you realize how much power hate has over us??

I hate people. I’m not going to act like I don’t. There are individuals I hate, and I will never forgive. I’m not going to act like I don’t. But I am going to say, I hate them, but I don’t go out of my way for others to KNOW I hate them. I keep it to myself. I let go, but never forget what they did to earn that emotion.

Some people are just awful, and they have personally done something to hurt you. But there are some instances where we hate based on someone else’s opinion. We are mindlessly fed this information from our media, and we are hurting others by our actions.

Hurting people we have never met, never will meet, and will never even know exist. Our freedoms say that we have the freedom of speech, that we can say whatever we wish and our Government can’t filter us. But maybe we need to filter ourselves. Step back and think, how are my actions hurting others, if they are. Do my words hurt someone, make them feel inferior, unworthy of living their lives with their opinions?

We are all granted the right to our own opinions and thoughts, so why express so much hate towards mine, for example, when I’m not forcing any of mine on you?

Step back and think about how your actions are hurting others, and how this hate, which you probably DON’T EVEN TRULY EXPERIENCE, is controlling YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS. This hate created by SOMEONE ELSE has more power over you than YOU DO.

Hate is only powerful if we let it be. Always be kind. No matter their religion, their political standing, their gender or their race. JUST BE KIND.

Minnesota Photographer

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