January 3rd, 2018

It’s easy to feel lost in this world, to feel invisible.

My success started with horses at a young age. I did very well, and started a very successful horse training operation in 2006, which lasted for nearly 10 years.

We all have moments where we feel invisible to people. To our fellow humans, more than likely we are. We are overlooked, replaceable and worthless.

But to a horse, you are their lives. You offer them companionship, and they never have to say a word. Just their presence has been proven to provide something people just can’t. Horses have been used in therapeutic programs for years to help all walks of life, from abused souls, to those suffering with PTSD or anger issues.

Horses are a mirror of our soul, as the greatest trainer alive, the trainer who inspired the movei the Horse Whisperer (written by Nicholas Evans,
directed by Robert Redford) Buck Brannaman would say.

I worked mostly with abused horses, healing them per say. Nobody could see WHY I was able to work so well with them, but looking back now that the truth has been exposed, it is clear as day.

As Buck would say, his abuse as a child gave him a way to connect with the horse. He felt their fear, their emotions, and was able to work with them through natural horsemanship methods, to ease their pains and help THEM heal. In turn healing himself.

Nobody knew why I was able to connect with them, but I knew the entire time. I knew because there were days I didn’t know if I was going to be alive, there were moments where I thought I was going to die, that this is how it would end.

Early today, I posted about how I felt like I was drowning, and everyone kept commenting about stress. STRESS had nothing to do with it. Producing an image that was MY SOUL was what was drowning me. Opening up to a level that NOBODY has seen, and explaining something that has never been pointed out before, because like I said, I’m invisible (Not that I’m complaining, I don’t want to be in the spotlight per say)

My success was because I was abused.. Let that sink in…

Day Three, Success

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