January 22nd, 2018

Such a simple item. Wood. Something that is involved in our every day lives, and is surrounding us. Wood creates our homes, our livelihoods and gives us shelter when we need it most. It protects us and provides sanctuary. Much like the loved ones in our lives, often it is taken for granted. We forget that while we log the forests, we must also care for the forests. For every tree we remove, we must plant another. This gorgeous earth is willing to provide for us, but in turn we must also nurture and care for her.

I get it. It is easy to forget about things we don’t see, it’s easy to just simply say, “Well we shouldn’t log at all.” But it isn’t that simple. Logging is a difficult industry to understand, but it is great for the forest! Logging removes dead trees, which are only fuel to forest fires! Before we were here, the fires would engulf acres upon acres of land, sometimes engulfing the entire region. But now that there are cities, towns, and more importantly people in direct path of these fires, we must do everything we can to prevent them, and protect our fellow man.

So, moral of today’s story is, appreciate mother nature and what she has given us. Be thankful for what we can’t see buried in our home, and look into ways you can help keep our Earth an amazing place to live, while supporting our infrastructure and industry.

Journey Day 22_

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