Kool Aid

January 31st, 2018

Through life, we are easily influenced by others. We are influenced by what teams we like, what sports we like, what styles or colors we are drawn to. Peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing. You become who your friends are, so choose your friends wisely. But pressure can also be something that is a negative influence. This pressure can affect how we think, who we interact and our personalities. Having a negative person in your life, can really skew your outlook and how you view yourself.

These negative influences can change your perspective on situation and on your life. Soon those influences are no longer influences, they become who you are. Those negative thoughts become your personality. They become all of your actions, personality and they become how you treat others.

But just as easily as those negative influences can drag you down and create a person that is as toxic and hurtful as those who influenced you in the first place, positive influences can create a person who can soar above and beyond. Positive people create positive people, surrounding yourself with people who build you up and encourage your own independent thinking, your own independent actions and goals.
Basically, you have to decide what Kool Aid you are going to drink. The Kool Aid that is toxic, or the Kool Aid that will help you.

Journey Day 31

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