February 1st, 2018

A new start, a new beginning, we all want a fresh start sometimes. A new beginning to an old relationship, a new beginning to life. Something to start over fresh, to not have bad interactions, relationships or experiences to taint what could be.

Sometimes, what we need is a new start. A fresh beginning to take what experiences we have had in our lives, and put them towards something positive and something that has potential to be amazing. A new start is scary, it can mean moving, quitting your job and starting over. Building new relationships and new friendships. And doing that is the scariest thing you can do. I moved two states from home. I moved an established business, a busy business, into a region where nobody knew me, a region that had hundreds of photographers and a community that has been hard to break into as the new family in town. With my fiance’s service in the MN National Guard, I have had some friendships blossom from those relationships, so that did make the adjustment easier.

But it was hard to make that adjustment from the busy photographer, that was booked out months in advance, to the photographer busting rear just to get people to know my name.

A new start isn’t going to be easy. It is going to be hard, you are going to have to hustle, that is the only option you have. If you truly want a new start, you have to work for it. My new start was building a family with the man I love. What will yours be?

Journey Day 32

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