February 2nd, 2018 Day 33

Sometimes, the cherished moments in our lives aren’t picture perfect. They aren’t the moments you would think you would love, where they seem perfect or ideal. They are the moments where we have a true connection. Where the photo isn’t perfect, the location isn’t perfect, but it is real. It is memorable and it is who you are.

Today was cold. It was -5 with a wind chill of -11. But that doesn’t matter to our animals. They don’t care how cold it is, what they care about is that they are taken care of. And considering how cold it was in Montana today, (-27 without the wind chill) they probably were thankful we were in Minnesota.
But these are the moments I cherish. These are the moments we will remember and cherish when we are older. A dog whose just happy to be alive, who doesn’t care how cold it is, just wants to spend time with his family. Capturing this moment was actually fairly difficult, because how my fiancé and my dog play, is kind of rough so it either looked like my fiancé was trying to kill the dog, or the dog was trying to kill my fiancé!! Playing rough doesn’t begin to cover these boys!

But, these are the moments we cherish. The moments we will look back on and laugh, smile and sigh as deep down you feel a pang of hurt thinking about that good old dog, that never once betrayed us or left us stranded. A true loyal friend, whose life with us will never be long enough.



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