February 3rd, 2018 Day 34

Often we get caught up in the turmoil, rat race and drama of our lives. We get caught up in the high energy, go-go-go, parts of life and forget to step back and notice the small things. The magic is in the details, and that is where we need to live. We need to live in the small details of life.  We need to fuel that fire, fuel that passion and remember who we are. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mainstream, what is popular and forgetting who we are.

We need to rest. We need to relax, take in these small moments and small details and indulge in them.  For me, these small details are life. Tod’s wrinkles, how he seems to melt when he sleeps and how peaceful this wild child looks, is just so heartwarming.

Remember to step back, rest, take in the small details in your lives, before you know it, they will all be gone.


Journey Day 34

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