Community over Competition

The past five years have been a blessing. I started my professional career in 2013, photographing my brothers senior photos. They weren’t my best work, but they were cool and we both loved them.
But it seemed the better I got, the worse I was treated by my peers. I found some were fake, nice to your face but bitter behind your back, and some where just plain rude right to my face.

I had a hard time at first making friends with so many bold, smart and confident women in not only the photography industry, but in all small businesses. Women that have the guts to put themselves out there and create work, literally on the whim that people will like it and will purchase it, are powerful and a force to be recognized. But once I stopped being so dang shy and stepped outside of my comfort zone, I realized that THOSE were the women you wanted on your side.

Those are the women you want cheering you on, motivating you and pushing you to become something you never thought you could.

There is something to be said about women who build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. There are SO many out there rooting for you to fail, it’s important you find those that are cheering you on, and in return YOU cheer them on as well. It is SO hard being a woman in this world. We are told we aren’t good enough on a daily. We are told we aren’t strong enough, we aren’t smart enough, we are too fat, we are too skinny, we are too emotional, we are too bitchy.. the list goes on.

We will never be able to overcome the hurdles are given by spewing hate and petty actions. But we can overcome this together. We can over come this by building ourselves up.

I have a few close friends who are also photographers, and not once did I feel that I couldn’t discuss something with them solely because they were in the same industry as me.  Because 9 times out of 10, I mention something to Shelly, and we will spark a conversation and pretty quick we are BOTH prospering from that discussion.

Community over competition. I am so tired of hearing this bull shit, fake term used by catty women who have NO inclination to help anyone in their industry. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s fine if you want to be a jerk, but don’t pretend like you aren’t.

Don’t put on a fake face, and then talk shit the second I’m gone. Don’t act like you are better than everyone else because you have 3,000 likes on Facebook. Honey, likes don’t get you into heaven, how you treat people does, and I promise you, he’s watching!


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