Nailing your wedding day makeup on a budget with Kaci Trepanier.

Pop Quiz: On your wedding day, where do you want your lip color to be?

  1. On your lips
  2. On your husbands lips
  3. Your grandma’s shoulder pad
  4. All of the above

Minnesota Bride

If you picked A. it’s time you hear about Lipsense.  Lipsense is a lipstick that lasts all day (which we all know is a must on your wedding day!) and won’t smudge, won’t run, won’t end up on your husbands face or anywhere else you don’t want it to be.  It’s the perfect product for important days like this.  Once you apply the color all you have to do to stay picture perfect is swab some gloss on every few hours.  No mirror needed!

Not only is Lipsense great for brides, it’s perfect for bridesmaids, mothers, and anyone who wants to look great all day with minimum effort.  I had the best of intentions on my wedding day to keep applying the new lipstick I bought, but it never happened.  My first look pictures are stunning, but as the day went on my lips disappeared. I wish I had known then that Lipsense could have prevented that!

Minnesota Bride Makeup

Basically, on your big day you’ll have plenty to think about, you don’t need your lip color added to the list.  Apply the color when you’re getting ready and you’re good to go for 18 hours (minus a 5 sec swab of lipgloss every now and again).  We have a wide range of colors for every one and every look.  From barely there nudes and subtle pinks to bold and bright statement colors that will really make your look POP.

Bridal makeup

Imagine this:  you just said your forever vows to the love of your life, promising to love him forever in all phases of life.  You’re husband and wife, he can kiss his bride!  In you go for that wonderful first kiss and when you’re done locking lips you see you’re not only sharing your life with this man, but now your lip color too.  OOPS!  Let me help you solve this issue.  I’m happy to answer any questions!  You can email me at or check out my Facebook group Kaci’s Lipstick Ladies and you can connect with me there and get all sorts of information about our Lipsense as well as our other great SeneGence products (our ShadowSense cream to powder eye shadow is tear proof too!).

Wedding Day Makeup

If you mention Victoria Shoopman’s blog post I’ll give 10% off your order and 5% off the order of any bridesmaids or mothers.

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