Makoshika Maternity

I have a small family. There are five cousins, three boys and two girls. We are all adults now, with the youngest cousin just turning 18 this last year. Until 2018, none of us had married, and my grandma was constantly begging me for a great grand baby, as I am the oldest girl.

I can’t tell you how happy, excited, and relived I was to see my cousin Bryce was expect with his girl friend Taylar. Seriously. THANK YOU. Not that I don’t love babies, because I love babies all day every day, but this girl likes to enjoy her independence, you know what I mean?!?

When Taylar & Bryce announced they were pregnant, instantly I called dibs on their photos. I am more than happy to document my family!!!

Hutchinson MN Maternity Photos

I convinced Taylar to brave the cold winter months and join me in Makoshika State Park. We headed up the switchbacks, and let me tell you, Montana didn’t disappoint. I love Minnesota, but a part of my heart will always live in those badlands.

Makoshika Maternity

Minnesota Maternity Photographer
I am proud for multiple reasons. I am proud to have such a gorgeous young woman in my family, I am proud of my cousin for finding this woman and bringing her into our lives, and I am a proud aunt? Second cousin? Whatever. I’m an aunt 😉

Hutchinson MN Maternity Photographer


And what maternity session doesn’t have a guilty pleasure of indulging in some ice cream and nachos???

Grocery Store maternityNacho Maternity Session

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