Day 36 Contrast

Our lives are a constant contrast. Love & hate. Dark & Light. Stop & Go. A constant reminder of what we hate, only makes what we love that much more special and meaningful. Sometimes those contrasts, feed each other and take two things that are normally mundane, and creates one thing that is extraordinary. My fiancé and I are this. Alone, we are average. We are just normal people, living our lives and getting through life. We both run our businesses and do a good job at doing so. But together, we are a force to be reckoned with.  I am the chocolate chips to his pancake. I offer that fun and sweet side, while he is the matter of fact, this is what we need, realistic side. Without each other, we both do fine, but together, we are amazing.

Having a contrast in opinions, views and life isn’t a bad thing. Think about how boring this world would be if there was no black & white, if there was only grey! Our world would be immensely boring, and there would be no joys in those details. The magic in the details would be gone, if there was no contrast. Without contrast, we lose creativity. We lose the ability to navigate decisions and problem solve issues that come forward while taking all points of view into effect. Without contrasting views, our world would be nothing. We would exist without freedoms, without our own thoughts and opinions. Without a simple contrast, we would lose any evolution we had, and slowly evolve into a simpler creature, just getting through the days, focusing just on food and sleep.

I love the contrast. I love the opposing views coming together to problem solve issues in our society, to take others views into consideration and to move forward in society. Contrast to me is beauty. Contrast is evolution, contrast is growth and expansion. Without contrast, we are nothing.

Hutchinson MN Photographer

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