Creating your legacy.

This past weekend, we had a passing in our family. My fiance’s great uncle passed, and he was very close with my fiance and his family. He was best friends with my fiance’s grandfather. And it shook us to the core. He was a huge part of my fiance’s family, and was loved by many.

At the wake, we were taken back in time through his life. We saw photos from his wedding, almost 61 years ago in 1957. Everyone looked absolutely magical. The photos were pristine, professional quality and gorgeous.

The bride wore a gorgeous lace long sleeve gown, and she looked like a model. She was absolutely stunning. Being a photographer, and a new member to this amazing family, I started to tear up. Not only because of my soon to be marriage into this family, and seeing myself as Diane. I saw myself as that gorgeous bride, being walked down the aisle by her father, with that formal church wedding, with my soldier waiting for me at the alter.

You see, I never knew Roger was a soldier. I never knew that he was so handsome. I never knew how gorgeous of a couple Roger and Diane were when they met, how beautiful their life was raising their amazing children. Those children having their own babies, gracing Roger and Diane with beautiful grand babies.

I always knew photography was important. But I never grasped it until this weekend. I never understood what I am truly offering my clients. I’m not just offering wedding photography to the Minneapolis region.

I am creating heirlooms. I am creating a legacy that the grand kids and family members alike will gather around for years to come, and flip through the albums, appreciating the details and magic that happened on that day.

These photos aren’t just for you. They are for your kids, your grandkids and your family.

And to expand on that, there were gorgeous portraits of Roger and Diane. They were absolutely stunning, a true heirloom from that time in their lives. A time portal back to 1965, 1980, 1999.. You could get a glimpse into their lives.

Think long and hard. What do you want people to remember you by? Do you want them to remember you by some Snapchat selfies, some photos of you partying in a basement back in 2005 we pulled from your old Myspace account or Facebook.

Or do you want them to remember how gorgeous you were. How your smile could light up a room, how the love you had for your spouse was contagious and heart warming.

Do you want them to remember how gorgeous your children were as they grew up. How beautiful your oldest daughter was when she turned 18. How good your son looked in his Army uniform when he got back from boot camp.

What do you want your legacy to be?

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