The Weight of the World

Day 38 Shoulders

Man, I didn’t want to post this photo.. I hate this photo. But sometimes, you have to shed off those layers of self-doubt, self-consciousness and self-hate. The weight of the world doesn’t have to always be on your shoulders. You don’t have to fight this battle alone, we are here to help you succeed.  We are always told to carry ourselves with dignity and grace, and this hammers that home. Because this photo, although it isn’t my favorite, it is powerful. This image reminds me on the daily, that I don’t have to carry everything on my shoulders. I don’t have to carry all the stresses of being a successful small business owner, I don’t have to worry day in and day out about booking enough clients and building this perfect image of myself. We are all perfect, even with our down falls. Even with our scars, our troubled pasts or our skeletons in the closet. We are perfect, because we were made with the perfect image in mind. So yes, could I lose a tiny bit (maybe a lot, who knows) of weight? Probably! Could I had picked a better time to take this portrait other than immediately after a shower? Probably!  Will this image help someone who has feelings of self-doubt, overwhelmed and self pity.. Probably!!

Just remember, the weight of the world doesn’t have to be just on your shoulders. We are here to help you!Hutchinson MN Photographer

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