Tomorrow is never guaranteed..

Day 40 Energy

Energy.. Something I am truly lacking these days. Between photography clients, house demo on my fiancé’s investment house and planning a wedding, I have bitten of quite a bit more then I can chew. Add in a board position with a wild horse group in Medora ND, a couple chamber memberships and keeping a little farm going, I’m exhausted.

Chris is working all over Minnesota on top of flipping the “Power House” and is even more strung out then I am. This adulting is hard work. But it comes with some amazing rewards. It comes with coming home to a gorgeous house in the countryside of Minnesota, with a barn I would only had dreamed of, a kitchen you would see in magazines and opportunities unlike any other. It comes with recognition from art galleries for my hard work, with awards from wedding magazines and business from amazing clients. It comes with all those amazing things.

I would much rather hustle and be tired all the time, then to have nothing and be well rested. I am proud of the legacy I am creating with the man of my dreams, and I am thankful for the opportunities we have been presented.

Because really, we are no different than these kittens. Caught when she least expected it, while she was stalking a poor little bird, in her mind I was interrupting the biggest thing in her life, the most important thing in her life.

What if we are just kittens, stalking birds, and there is a bigger meaning out there. That there is more to life then work, hustle and awards? That there is meaning to our actions, that how we treat people truly does matter, and that how we make others feel will reflect on our own futures. Would you laugh at me, call me insane and go back to your hustle, or would you think about it. Would you ponder on how, if your entire life was to be based on your actions from the past 48 hours, would you be happy with it? Would you be proud to have the past 48 hours define you, or define your future?

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and how you behave today, could affect your entire life, and your entire afterlife.

Hutchinson MN Photographer

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