Women are powerful. We have so much power in our bodies, in our minds, in our motivation and mindset that we can accomplish anything we WANT to accomplish.

Our bodies make humans for Pete’s sake!

Our bodies are something that is truly amazing. We all have stretch marks, scars, bumps and bruises. Blemishes, weird birth marks and flaws that we all hate, but we all have. Our bodies are how we express ourselves. We mold our personalities into our appearances. We express who we are and what we want to be by how we dress, what makeup we wear, how we do our hair and what tattoo’s we get.

Our bodies are our own temples, our own sanctuaries and they are who we are. Our bodies are us! And I truly believe, that we are capable of making our bodies exactly what we want.

This session blew my mind. Momma was so courageous, even though I could tell she was nervous beyond belief! She was so brave to bare it all, as this wasn’t a boudoir session! It was a regular maternity session. And I am so glad she did. I couldn’t had found a better momma to try out this new technique, of molding my experience with boudoir, into something beautiful and intimate in maternity.

I think it is my new favorite thing, and I hope I can convince more moms to take the leap and do something beautiful and breath taking for them.

Best Hutchinson MN Photographer
An intimate and breathtaking studio portrait of a gorgeous momma to be and her genuine self.

*note. No images are shared with out clients permission. If you decide to have intimate photos done, it is your choice if they are shared with ANYONE other than you. Period. Privacy is very important to me.

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