When to book your maternity session.

Every momma is different, and with that, comes a different date range of when you should do your maternity session.

On average, I like to shoot my maternity sessions around 35 weeks. As your photographer, we can chat often if you so wish, and discuss if you believe you will be delivering early once we get close to your session date.

I have done maternity sessions close to full term, and as early as 30 weeks. It is totally up to each individual mother.


Minnesota Maternity Photos (41 of 52).jpg

Each session is as unique as the momma her self, and because of this I love to offer a variety of sessions, ranging from a fine art studio session, a nude maternity session, a fine art outdoor session or a casual life style session in your home.

Find the session that is closest to your personality!

Best Hutchinson MN Photographer

My personal preference is to shoot my maternity sessions at 35 weeks, schedule your free consultation today and we can chat about what is perfect for you.

Minnesota Maternity Photographer

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