You get what you pay for….

How many times do we do it? We go with the cheaper product, think we are getting a steal then regret it or the product breaks immediately after we get home.

Now you’re out the money you spent on that product, and you still have to go back to the store and get the premium product anyways!

It’s the same for services!

Everything I do, every little piece of information and skill I’ve learned has cost me my time, my money and more importantly, given me experience and knowledge to be the best photographer you can find.

So why does everyone price shop, and if price is all that matters, why do I continue to invest in the best labs, the best educators in the world and the best equipment? Because it matters. Because I refuse to accept that people don’t appreciate extraordinary photography, because they do! They cherish and love the photos I take, because of the investments I have made into my experience and education.

I recently moved, as we all know, and when I moved 9 hours from my home town, a lot of my clients had to find a new photographer. I was really reminded at how appreciated I was, when almost all of them were blowing me up, asking if I’d move back, if I’d be coming home any time soon and begging me to do a mini session day while I was home. It was heart warming, and was a nice reminder that my clients DO appreciate what I do, and that they understand the “You get what you pay for” term.

Because you see, when you work with me, you get professionally edited images. You get images that are hand edited, down to every last detail. No actions, no presets, no “filters”. 100% Hand crafted to create the best image possible.

With this, takes a little longer turn around on your images. I’m not just clicking a Pretty Preset, applying it to your image and going “Here you go! Enjoy!”

You’re getting an artist. Someone whose studied the industry for many years. Someone whose built up a studio, invested into your community and contributed back to that same community. Someone who creates heirlooms, not just a Facebook profile picture.

Someone who contributes to your children’s future, with Scholarships, community events,  and chamber memberships. Someone who supports local sports, 4H programs and other after school programs. Someone who is a legitimate business, paying in taxes just like every other legitimate business and carries insurance in case, God forbid, something happens during your session.

Support your local businesses, support your community. Shop local. Shop legitimate.

Hutchinson MN Photographer
Taken at a Meg Bitton | Souls Imagined workshop in McKinney Texas, featuring ballerina Adalin & an Anna Triant Couture gown.

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