New Love – Hutchinson MN Newborn

Welcoming a new member into your family is something that is truly amazing, a warm and loving feeling that will overcome you in waves.

Hutchinson MN Newborn Photographers

When baby looks at you and coo’s the sweetest sounds, and your heart just melts. That amazing feeling you get when you hold him for the first time, when he snuggles up to you and falls asleep in your arms. That feeling, that emotion you have when you watch your baby grow up, is what every parent lives for.

Hutchinson Studio Photos

Last week, Baby Maverick joined me in the studio to get his photos taken, and he was such a well behaved, sleepy baby.

Hutchinson MN Newborn Photographers

He was such an amazing baby, he just hated being naked!! Such a sweet little man, with such an amazing big brother (who just so happens to be extremely camera shy, like the song goes “Momma tried, momma tried, momma tried”… We tried every trick in the book to get those adorable brother photos, but he just was having none of me!! Oh well right??

Hutchinson MN Newborn Photographers


Overall, it was an amazing session, with a nice, sleepy baby, a big brother who is very excited to have a little brother and amazing parents to tie it all together.

Hutchinson Newborn Photos

Thank you for joining me ❤ I hope to visit you again in a few months!

xoxo Victoria


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