Dancing right to your heart.


The passion starts young. It starts with the basics, with simple manuevers that lay the foundation for their futures.

Hutchinson MN Children Photography

With laughter ringing off the alley walls, funny faces and tutus, this session not only warmed my heart, but also put a big smile on mom’s face, for her child was amazing, through and through.

You see, Miss Piper was the most well behaved child I had ever worked with. She is charismatic, kind and a respectful.

Chilren like Piper make me love my job. They remind me why I chose this career path, and why I photograph families. Piper had such a blast, with her glittery jacket, her tutu from her last dance recietal and the cooleset glitter hightops you have ever seen.

Miss Piper is a dancer at Just for Kix in Olivia MN, and she sure danced her way into my heart. I had worked with Piper before, and she was amazing then too, but man, she blew my mind with how kind she was and how mature she is for her age.


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I was mind blown at how well this girl listened, and how excited she was about her session.  These dancer sessions are open to all ages, with youngest starting at 4 (Piper’s age) and ranging all the way up to high school seniors.

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