Wedding Bod

I am officially 122 days until my wedding.

And boy, am I feeling the stress.

Flowers, dress, cake, table cloths, invites, guest book… the list goes on and on..

And the biggest stress? The biggest stress I have about my wedding? My body!! I am so stressed about my body, and have no time to deal with it..

Besides cutting carbs, pop, coffee (Because girl, I am obssessed with blended coffee) and processed food, and have officially lost ten pounds!! My goal is to lose 35, which means I only have 25 left to go!! How exciting!

So, to celebrate, I am going to share with you my favorite protein shake, which was shared with my by my fiance when we first started dating.

It’s a super easy, and super yummy protein shake! It’s so good, you won’t even realize you are drinking a protein shake!

1/4 cup blueberries

2 table spoons peanut butter

1 scoop protein powder (Just pick your favorite. I use vanilla flavored stuff I got from Complete Nutrition)

5oz milk (water can be substituted if you don’t drink dairy)

2 table spoons low fat vanilla yogurt

2 cups of ice

Preparing for your wedding

This makes about two servings, but this is best consumed fresh, nobody likes stale protein drinks!!

Total Carbs: 14g

Total Fat: 8.5g

Total Protein: 25g

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