Be in the moment.

So much in life, we get caught up in photographing the moment. We are glued to our cell phones, checking the most recent social media updates, trying to capture a picture that you will never actually use or look at again?

I am so guilty for this, especially if I am bored, I will dive into my cell phone and begin working on something, while not being present in the moment.
I see this a lot with weddings. I see this gorgeous couple, surrounded by their family and friends, and right as they are about to kiss at the end of their ceremony, everyone and their dog is buried in their phones, ipads and camera’s photographing the kiss.

In turn, missing the moment. They are so obssessed with capturing the moment on their cell phones, that they are ruining the moment for others. Holding their cell phones and tablets direclty infront of other guests, and more importantly, the hired photographer.

My generation, needs to slow down, enjoy these moments and be in the moment.

My favorite photograph, was taken by an annonomous photographer, and showed a scene from an event, where there was a line of people lined up against a metal barrier fence. Surrounded by young adults in their late twenties and early thirties, was an elderly woman. This woman, was watching the event unfold, with an expression of pure joy and happiness, while being surrounded by young adults buried in their phones.

Be in the moment. Enjoy the moment!!

Life is too short.


Hutchinson MN Wedding Photographer

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