Finding your tribe

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You are going to be taken advantage of, people are going to walk over you and make you feel inferior.

But the thing is, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Nobody has that control unless you give it to them.

Lately, I’ve felt very taken advantage of, and that is okay. I’d rather feel taken advantage of, then to be sitting at home not giving anything to the community.

I am a good person, but I don’t need to prove that to anyone, because if they know me they already know that. I don’t rip people off, I treat people with kindness, but if I am pushed, I am not afraid to stand up for myself.

Lately, this feeling of being taken advantage of has really taken over, and it was hard for me to realize that I created that situation for that person to take advantage of me.

I was responsible, and only me, for giving that opportunity to be taken advantage of.  Instead of dwelling in my self pity and negativity, I decide to use this as a motivator. To show that I will not let a handful of negative minded, and negative spewing people ruin my good mood.

And on this note, I can also say that GIVING these same opportunities, I have met some of the most amazing, caring and kind people I could ever ask for.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative, in that feeling of hurt and self doubt, and to forget the good things that come from your kindness and charity.

A few weekends ago, I met the most amazing Bride & Groom, whom won my free wedding for 2018. Their entire wedding party was friendly, fun and welcoming, and made me feel right at home.  Some of the families that met me early on in my move to Minnesota have turned into some amazing friends, with a relationship that is more important to me then some cash.

And more importantly, I am reminded that I am a good person. I do good things, I am kind and people like me, it is those toxic people that I need to remove from my life, even if it is painful.

So, the moral of this long rant? People are going to take advantage of you. People are going to use you, throw you away and never look back, but there are also very good people out there. People who will appreciate you, value you and respect your time and your talents. Find those people, because those people will make up your tribe. Hutchinson MN Lifestyle Photographer

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