Do you have it?

Either you have it. Or you don’t.  Either you have a champion inside of you, a potential to become a world class artist, dancer, musician, business owner or doctor, or you don’t.

It, is something that exists inside all successful small business owners. It is tenacity, dedication, the will to succeed and the guts to succeed at all costs. Someone who has it, doesn’t have to tell you they have it, because you can see it in them. There is no question, those who are driven to succeed have a persona about them.

Recently, I ran into another photographer who is just starting in her career. She reached out to me, and we became friends. Quickly, it was apparent to me that she truly wants this, and wants to become the best photographer she can be.
And on that same note, I also ran into a photographer that was just mind blowing. I was just amazed at how entitled and how expectant she was to just get everything handed to her, without having to work for it or truly earn it!

Hutchinson Photographer
Which person do you see yourself as? Do you see yourself as that photographer (or person, you don’t have to be a photographer to get my point here) that is willing to put everything on the line, to save up and push yourself into the career you want to have. Or do you see yourself as the person who just wants to receive the prize, without having to run the race??

Do you know how many failures I’ve had in my life? How many times I got yelled at by a boss or scolded from my parents? But what pushed me to become what I am today? ME. I made the decision to push myself and do everything I can to develop my business into something sustainable for me and my family.

I didn’t start out ballin, hell I still am not “ballin”. I didn’t start out with the nicest equipment, the highest session fees (Still not there) and booking out years in advance (Again, still not there)

But I did start out by busting my rear, and taking every opportunity that comes my way and becoming a “YES” man. I didn’t get this way by taking pretty pictures. I didn’t get this way by all the “likes” on Facebook.  I also didn’t get this way by being close minded and stubborn in my ways. Being open to new educators, new ideas and new styles was a huge part of my success.

I got this way by grit, tenacity and hard work.

Prove to me you have it and at that point, then you won’t need my approval 😉

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