My, how time flies.

What can change in two years time? What about in a blink of an eye?

Two years ago, I was single and living the life. I was working on building my business up to a full time gig, and working as a outside plan technician for the phone company (I fixed the cable and repaired customer equipment).

I was hustling, and was keen on having someone in my life that was hustling just as hard as I was.

I met Dell, and my life changed. I met someone who swept me off my feet, and motivated me to become even MORE than what I had previously dreamed.

I never dreamed I’d leave my home town, let alone travel and see all the gorgeous treasures our country has to offer.

I never dreamed I’d be traveling all over the country, photographing my wildest dreams, being featured in art galleries, applying for grants, sponsorship with industry leading equipment and mentoring with the best photographers in the country, if not the world.

My life has skyrocketed and it wouldn’t had, if it wasn’t for this man. If it wasn’t for the most amazing man I have ever met. The man who has dedicated 7 years of his life to this country. The man who would work 48 hours straight to insure a job got completed by a deadline. The man who would give anything for a friend, and not expect anything more than a thank you in return.

The man, who made me believe in relationships and love again.


I love you more than any words can ever express. Thank you for being the catalyst that has sparked something much bigger than anything I could ever imagine.

Today marks 2 years, and in 103 days, we will begin our lives as husband and wife.  Here is to celebrating the past 730 days!!



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