I see it time and time again.

Women hating on women. I was in a Facebook group, where another woman actually said to a complete stranger “Let’s see the real photo, there is no way this isn’t photoshopped, we all have stretch marks and extra fat, don’t try to fool us none.”

Wait, WHAT??

How is this okay, that we talk to a fellow human like this?? At what point did it become okay, no matter what gender you are, to have someone talk to you like that.

This woman was gorgeous, and knowing her, I know that she indeed doesn’t have an ounce of extra body weight, and news flash, not everyone is cursed with stretch marks (Thank you Twinkies for that gift…)

But really, why is this okay? Why didn’t the admin for the page remove the comment? Why didn’t someone rip her a new one about body shaming this woman for looking awesome??

WHY are we so obsessed with putting people down?

Because we lack love for ourselves. We lack the ability to look in the mirror and say “Damn, I look good today.” I am just as guilty of this as everyone else. I look in the mirror and I see some extra weight, I feel guilty for every snack I take and I regret every carb I eat. WHY??

Because we are forced to believe that superficial stuff matters more than our happiness.

Once I started stepping outside of that box, outside of the boundaries that we put on ourselves, did I start to see what true happiness was.

Happiness is loving yourself. Loving the body you are in and not giving a damn about what others think, feel or say.

WE are goddesses, we are beautiful and we are worth it.

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