My favorite EASY protein shake.

I love caffeine. Recently, I got fed up with paying $6.00 for a coffee (I mean come on, doesn’t that seem a bit excessive) and I stopped drinking pop..

I try to have a protein shake every day, it really helps curb cravings and helps me stay on track for my physical goals. So, while I was doing my grocery shopping, I found a low carb substitute for my blended coffee drinks that tastes amazing, and I can even mix with my protein powder!Hutchinson Photographer (2 of 2).jpg

Now, normally I either have a plain Jane milk + protein powder shake, which is okay, or I mix up a peanut butter + fruit protein shake, which is amazing, but takes a good amount of work to get prepared and made up.

So when I thought of this idea of mixing these two powers I was excited because it makes the shakes easier, but still tasting delish.

I like to work out in the mornings, it just adds a good start to my day. So after my workout, I always shower immediately because, gross. So after my shower, I like to immediately mix up my protein shake, to get the most out of my workout, and my shake!!

1 scoop protein powder

2 scoops blended coffee mix

1 cup of ice

10 oz of milk

Blend until smooth and wallla!! SUPER easy!
This is my favorite blended coffee drink, and it was easy and CHEAP to make. Way cheaper than $6 😉 Plus, I get my protein powder in there as well!

Based on what I made, here are the following tallies!!





It was delish, took care of my caffeine cravings and had I didn’t have to make another protein shake! This worked great for me as a meal replacement, since my protein powder is also meal replacement if you wished to use it for that.


Have a great weekend everyone!!! My morning is off to a great start!!!

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