Finding your beauty

True beauty isn't viewed on the skin. It isn't viewed on the scale, in the mirror or in our bank accounts. Beauty is our souls, beauty is how we treat people, how our eyes just glisten when we laugh or how our attitude and emotions have an impact and contagious. But often, we get side... Continue Reading →

Aim for the moon…

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale Two years ago, I was hiking in Medora, solely for the purpose of just seeing the horses. I spent hours out there, baking in the sun, getting photograph after photograph, slowly building a project that would become a part... Continue Reading →

Creating your legacy.

Take a step back, and look at your life. Look at what you want people to remember you buy, and what you need to do to capture those moments, those emotions and to capture your legacy.

Personalize your wedding

Erica Johnson owns Get Together Goods, and I fell in love with her awesome personalized wedding glasses, and I knew that I needed to have her guest write on my blog!!  Here is a little excerpt from Erica! I started GetTogetherGoods in 2017 after hosting many parties and events for family, friends and within my... Continue Reading →


Day 37 Stop Everyday, we do something self-destructive. We tear ourselves down, we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, that we can’t do something.  But we are! Sometimes those things that are telling us to stop, telling us that we aren’t good enough and that we can’t achieve something, are just the thorns. They... Continue Reading →

Makoshika Maternity

I have a small family. There are five cousins, three boys and two girls. We are all adults now, with the youngest cousin just turning 18 this last year. Until 2018, none of us had married, and my grandma was constantly begging me for a great grand baby, as I am the oldest girl. I... Continue Reading →


Day 36 Contrast Our lives are a constant contrast. Love & hate. Dark & Light. Stop & Go. A constant reminder of what we hate, only makes what we love that much more special and meaningful. Sometimes those contrasts, feed each other and take two things that are normally mundane, and creates one thing that... Continue Reading →

Finding Ourselves

As a photographer, I see and hear all the time about how "Photographers are documenting memories." "Creating memories to cherish for a lifetime." "Telling the world through my (the photographers) eyes." But what does that truly mean? Does that mean documenting the world through a skewed perspective, how we WANT to see it, or how... Continue Reading →

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